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Date Awards Announced Update
  AAAS (AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books) Updated of 07/13/2017
  ALAN (ALA Notable Children's Books) Updated of 02/13/2017
  BBYA (ALA Best Books for Young Adults) CEASED 2010
  BFYA (ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults) Updated of 02/13/2017
  CalM/CalH (ALA Caldecot Medal/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  Cost (Costa Book Award) Updated of 02/13/2017
  CSKA/CSKH (ALA Coretta Scott King Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  HBF (Horn Book Fanfare) Updated of 02/13/2017
  CZA/CZH (Charlotte Zolotow Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  MLBA/MLBH (ALA Mildred L. Batchelder Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  MLPA/MLPH (ALA Michael L. Printz Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  NBGS (Notable Books for a Global Society) Updated of 02/13/2017
  NM/NH (ALA Newbery Medal/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  PBA/PBH (ALA Pura Belpre Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  SIBA/SIBH (ALA Robert F. Sibert Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  STA/STH (Sydney Taylor Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  StoneA/StoneH (Stonewall Children & Young Adult Literature Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  TBYA (ALA Ten Best Books for Young Adults) CEASED 2010. Became "Top Ten Best Fiction for Young Adults" after 2010 list
  TFYA (ALA Top Ten Best Fiction for Young Adults) Updated of 02/13/2017
  TSGA/TSGH (Theodor Seuss Geisel Award/Honor) Updated of 02/13/2017
  WCBY (Whitbread Children's Book of the Year, became the Costa) CEASED 2006
  WDMA/WDMH (Walter Dean Myers Award/Honor) Updated of 06/05/2017
  DGA (Dolly Gray Award) Updated of 06/15/2017
  SFBA (Schneider Family Book Award) Updated of 06/15/2017
  YAENA/YAENF (YALSA Award for Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award/Finalists) Updated of 02/13/2017
February GryA/GryH (Gryphon Award/Honor) Updated of 02/21/2017
  OIB (Outstanding International Book List) Updated of 02/13/2017
  TRA (Tomas Rivera Mexican American Children's Book Award) Updated of 02/21/2017
  OSTB (Outstanding Science Trade Book) Updated of 02/13/2017
  LBHA/LBHH (Lee Bennett Hopkins Award/Honor) Updated of 02/21/2017
March ChrisA (Christopher Award, Books for Young People) April 9 Updated of 04/21/2017
  FSSA (Flora Stieglitz Straus Award) Updated of 02/13/2017
  JFA (Josette Frank Award) Updated of 02/13/2017
  Lewis (Claudia Lewis Award) Updated of 02/13/2017
  SpurA/SpurF (Spur Award/Finalist) Updated of 03/17/2017
  CABA/CABH (Children's Africana Book Awards) Updated of 05/31/2017
  BSBYA (ABA Book Sense Book of the Year) CEASED 2008
April BBB (Best Books for Babies) Updated of 05/04/2017
  BELA (Notable Books of the English Language Arts) Updated of 03/24/2017
GBA (Giverny Book Award)  Updated of 05/30/2017
  GKA/GKH (Golden Kite Award/Honor) Updated of 03/24/2017
  SFHA (Sid Fleischman Humor Award)  Updated of 03/24/2017
  JABA/JABH (Jane Addams Book Award/Honor) Updated of 05/04/2017
  HMUA/HMUH (Horace Mann Upstanders Award/Honor) Updated of 03/08/2017
  OPA/OPH (Orbis Pictus Award/Honor) Updated of 02/28/2017
  WAWA (William Allen White Children's Book Award, April 30) Updated of 05/24/2017
  WRAA (E. B. White Read-Aloud Award) Updated of 05/24/2017
  ICYA (Indies Choice Young Adult Book of the Year) Updated of 05/24/2017
  AFHG (CLA Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon) CEASED 2016
  NBGS (Notable Books for a Global Society) Updated of 02/13/2017
  Aurealis (Aurealis Award) April 14 Updated of 04/21/2017
 May TVSB (Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award) Updated of 05/24/2017
  CGWA/H (Carter G. Woodson Award/Honor) Updated of 05/30/2017
  EAPJA (Edgar Allan Poe Juvenile Award) May 3 Updated of 05/04/2017
  EAPYA (Edgar Allan Poe Young Adult Award) May 3 Updated of 05/04/2017
  CLABYC (CLA Book of the Year for Children) CEASED 2016
  CLABYA (CLA Young Adult Canadian Book Award) CEASED 2016
  ETP/ETS (Ethel Turner Prize/Shortlist) Updated of 05/24/2017
  PWP/PWS (Patricia Wrightson Prize/Shortlist) Updated of 05/24/2017
  JBA (John and Patricia Beatty Award) Updated of 05/04/2017
  Bisto (Bisto Book of the Year Became the CBIA/CBIH) CEASED 2012
  CBIA/CBIH (CBI Book of the Year Awards May 22) Updated of 05/24/2017
  NSSTB (Notable Social Studies Trade Books) Updated of 06/26/2017
  AIYL/AIYH (American Indian Youth Literature Award/Honor) Awarded only even years Updated of 05/24/2017
  BSA (Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel) May 9 Updated of 05/30/2017
  ANA (Andre Norton Award)  Updated of 05/30/2017
  AmBA/AmBH (Americas Book Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature) Updated of 05/04/2017
  CRAA/H (Comstock Read Aloud Book Award/Honor)  Updated of 06/14/2017
  WGRA/H (Wanda Gag Read Aloud Book Award/Honor)  Updated of 06/14/2017
  BSGN (Bram Stoker Award for Best Graphic Novel) May 9 Updated of 05/30/2017
June CarM (CILIP Carnegie Medal, June 19) Updated of 06/26/2017
  RSA (Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Award) Updated of 05/31/2017
  KGM (CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal, June 19) Updated of 06/26/2017
  BGHBA/BGHBH (Boston Globe-Horn Book Award/Honor) Updated of 06/05/2017
  APALA/APALH (Asian Pacific American Award for Literature) Updated of 06/05/2017
July ABBY (ABA Book of the Year) Became the Book Sense Award


  EBWA (Elizabeth Burr / Worzalla Award) Updated of 08/02/2017
  MFA (Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature, July 31) Updated of 08/02/2017
August ACBA/ACBH (Australian Children's Book of the Year Awards/Honour, August 18) Updated of 08/24/2017
  EPA/EPH (Eve Pownall Award/Honor, August 18) Updated of 08/24/2017
September AABA/AABH (Arab American Book Award for Children/Young Adults/Honor) summer 2017 Updated of 08/02/2017
  PhA/PhH (Phoenix Award/Honor) Updated of 09/22/2017
October EGA (Esther Glen Award) Updated of 09/22/2017
  ELNA (Elsie Locke Award for Non-Fiction) Updated of 09/22/2017
  LYAA (LIANZA Young Adult Award) CEASED 2015
  RCA (Russell Clark Award) Updated of 09/22/2017
  MMBY (Margaret Mahy Book of the Year) Updated of 09/22/2017
  AIP (American Institute of Physics) Current as of 10/07/2016
  Aesop (Aesop Prize) Current as of 02/07/2017
  BTP (Booktrust Teenage Prize) CEASED 2010
November GGW/GGF (Governor General's Literary Award/Finalist) Current as of 02/07/2017
  GBHF (Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction)

Current as of 02/07/2017

  MBP (Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award) Current as of 02/07/2017
  NFA (Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction) Current as of 02/07/2017
  NBA/NBH (National Book Award for Young People's Literature/honors) Current as of 02/07/2017
  TDC (TD Canadian Children's Literature Award) Current as of 02/07/2017
  NYTBI (New York Times Best Illustrated) Current as of 02/07/2017
  SSLI/SSLH (Society of School Librarians International/Honor) CEASED 2014
  RSYP¬†(Royal Society Young People's Book Prize) Current as of 02/07/2017
  GuardA (Guardian Award for Children's Fiction) Current as of 01/30/2017
  AMTB/AMTF (Amy Mathers Teen Book Award/Finalists) Current as of 01/30/2017
  JSMA/JSMF (John Spray Mystery Award) Current as of 01/30/2017
  MHA/MHF (Monica Hughes Award/Honors) Current as of 01/30/2017
  MEBA/MEBH (Middle East Book Award/Honor) Checked 02/28/2017
December KMA (Kurt Maschler Award, ceased) CEASED 2000
  SODA (Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction) Current as of 01/20/2016
  SmA (Smarties) CEASED 2008
  NPR (NPR Book Concierge) Current as of 02/02/2017
  dBSBA/N (de Bary Children's Science Book Award/Nominee) Current as of 02/02/2017
  PMLA (Prime Minister Literary Awards) Current as of 02/02/2017
  CHA/CHH (Charlotte Huck Award/Honor) Current as of 02/02/2017

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